Gerry & Alma Moore

The History Group was founded in 1999 and for many years run by Gerry Moore and his wife Alma. Gerry's early death was followed all too quickly by Alma's.

The group owe a great debt to their enthusiasm and organisational skill.

Gerry was born in Kensington, London in 1933. During the war years he lived in Garsington, Oxfordshire where his father served as a Butler.

In his working life Gerry was a draughtsman/designer which he carried out with great skill. Gerry took a short break from his career to carry out National Service in the Royal Air Force, where he qualified as an Armourer and Sniper.

After his retirement Gerry moved to Norfolk with Alma, where due to the terrain his cycling interests re-emerged. Gerry had an intense interest in the cycling artist "Frank Patterson" and wrote many articles and publications about him, resulting in a large collection of original drawings.

In his later years Gerry became a keen local and cycling historian, where he spent many hours surfing the Internet for information. Gerry was also an avid collector of antique and unusual bicycles. Gerry unfortunately passed away in January 2010, followed by Alma in June of the same year, without the knowledge that his book "Frank Patterson - A Biography" had been published.

Cover of Gerry's book about Frank Patterson

Copies of Gerry's book about Frank Patterson may be bought from the Frank Patterson Market Place run by Jeff Lewis.

Alma was born in Woolwich, London on 16th June 1934, the second of two girls born to George and May Rengert.

After moving to Weeting she ran a shop in Brandon with Gerry selling antiques in one half and wool in the other.

Alma continued to enjoy studying and took several courses over the years including A-Level in Art and Design. She got involved in the history group and directed the Weeting 21 who renovated the old school. They obtained a grant from the Prince's Trust and Alma was delighted to meet Prince Charles and even more delighted to be invited to tea at his home.

Gerry was a keen cyclist and Alma also took this up quite seriously. They took part in the London to Brighton bike ride twice and had a couple of cycling holidays in Majorca.