March 2000

As part of our programme two outings have been organised. In March we have a guided tour of Lynford Hall which includes lunch, followed in May by a visit to Elveden Hall. Both houses are of great historical and architectural interest. Such houses are not open to the general public and access is only given to special groups. One more good reason for joining our group!

THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE - The group was given a poster advertising an exhibition at the national Gallery featuring famous people who had contributed to their collections, in this instance John Julius Angerstein. The poster has a splendid portrait of J J Angerstein by Sir Thomas Lawrence. The Angerstein family who lived at Weeting Hall for 92 years contributed so much to the village that we felt the poster should be framed and hung in the Old School House when renovation is complete. A photographic exhibition is planned to celebrate the opening.

WEETING CASTLE - Jean James is our member who is researching the history of the castle and has discovered that quite a lot of work has been done on its history. Actually it was not a castle but a fortified medieval manor house. Existing buildings of this type are exceedingly rare and it is therefore surprising that so little study of the Weeting example has been undertaken. This situation is about to change. Several scholars have written papers on the building and in time no doubt a "dig" will be organised.

WEETING HALL - Another batch of photographs have been discovered of Weeting Hall, the village and the Angerstein family. Arrangements have been made to copy these and a selection will be shown at the photographic exhibition.

ST MARYS CHURCH - New kneelers are being made for the church by ladies of the village. Although they are very nice and the church are very appreciative of the efforts made to produce them it was felt designs appertaining to the village would be appropriate. The History Group was asked for ideas and have come up with designs based on the coats of arms of the families associated with the village. Three have already been located, more to follow.

THE SCHOOL - The History Group was asked by the school to give the children a talk on the history of Weeting. Gerry and Alma presented an illustrated talk to Class 3 (7/10 year olds). The children were very interested in the subject and asked a lot of questions, particularly about the ice house. We received 25 "thank you" letters. They were beautifully written, a delight to receive, to read again and again! We have been asked back so we shall have to think of new things to tell them.